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PAAR identity

PAAR is a brand which originated from the desire to share with others the positive energy that occurs among people.

First it started between us; we are two childhood friends with a common history, our fathers were best friends who grew up in the same street. Although we lived in different countries at some point, we were always in touch. We like similar things, we enjoy and rejoice in similar situations, we remember almost the same moments, we strive for common goals. We spend a lot of time in nature, we adore music, we love design and fashion and we have decided! Socks are an accessory which unites all that matters to us. Movement, nature, respect for the environment, diversity and openness. It is through the souscks that we revealed all our basic values in one place. They are an accessory, a subtle and vibrant detail which refreshes one’s appearance, raises spirits and is directly linked to motion.

First it was Socks From Heaven, a brand inspired by urban life and the desire to show a different and more colourful side of everyday life, which was created in Belgrade 6 years ago. This year we made a Swiss-Serbian brand and changed the name to PAAR. Both in Serbian and German, this word has a similar meaning –  a partner or a pair, and it also symbolically represents us and our friendship.

A clean and simple identity was created in the spirit of the modern Swiss typographic school. The central part of the logo are two entwined letters “A” in the form of an anagram, resembling an star or a human figure with arms extended. It represents a strong graphic element which we sort of play with in the identity. We tried to make the branding simple and minimal in order for it to stand out in relation to the vivid socks, and to be a counterpoint to their colourfulness.

PAAR is a modern and optimistic brand. For us, this means that we are aware of the role that fashion has in everyday life, but also of the importance that sustainability has in preserving the world we belong to.

Indeed, we are a part of this world.

Who is your PAAR?

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  • Lana

    I love the excellent quality and the colourful designs. Your socks are made for cozy evenings at home and also during the day as an unique accessory. I just love them!

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