Love Stories the PAAR way

PAAR Socks are colourful and so is Love.

Love in its various forms shapes our interpersonal relationships which is one of our greatest inspiration. As a result of love and inspiration we design socks for all of us to walk in colours and experience special moments step by step. PAAR means a set of two things regarded as a unit. For us PAAR is not only related to a pair of socks but everything else that has a strong appeal: People, Love, Memories, Relations, ...

We want to dedicate the month of love to five different couples, PAARsocks lovers and their colourful love stories. One Love story per day till Valentine's Day :-)


Successful. Beautiful. Fit. United.

Boris and Jovana are aware of reality, but still they live in their own universe and keep manifesting their dreams in spite of the “real life” constraints.

Although they know exactly what they want in life, when it comes to PAAR socks, they simply can't decide. The main thing is that they walk in matching colours together :-)

Meet this power-couple...



#1 What is special about the place you’ve chosen for the interview?
This is our favorite gym in Belgrade where we spend every day of the week- one and only Morphosis.

#2 How did you meet? Who did the first step?
We met over a mutual friend related to work. Boris took over 100 first steps. Persistence does pay off ;-)

#3 Was it love at first sight?
Nope, but it was mutual respect, support, understanding, and friendship at first sight.  

#4 What is the key to a happy life as a PAAR?
Great communication, honesty, time apart and growing both as a couple and personally. There is him, me and the relationship and all three have different needs and wants.  

#5 Do you believe in unconditional and endless love? As you know, Lovebirds stay together with the same partner for a lifetime.
There is no such thing as unconditional Love although it sounds romantic, it is highly unlikely. Unlike the Lovebirds, mating and eating is not the only driving force for human couples. We believe in having trust, clear emotional boundaries, respect at all times and compromise when necessary.

#6 What was the most colourful moment you’ve walked together in your relationship?
We had lot of colourful moments, but powerful were staying together through bankruptcy, death, illness, and betrayals from close people.  

#7 What is your message to the world?
Becoming truly the strongest version of yourself FIRST and then helping others along the way is a life worth living. Strengthening the individual is the only effective way forward if we are ever to improve and transcend as a civilization.

Which PAAR socks do you like most and why?

Jovana: My favorites are definitely Universe, because I am fascinated with the universe since a young age. A trip to mars has a fixed place on my bucket list :-)

Boris: I like the dark ones with dots or morse code most, because I am a sporty geek :)

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Who is man's best friend? Pedro and Tejo are partners for life. Best friends who never let themselves down. They even run a sustainable concept store in Horgen (Zurich) together. What a dram team!

When it comes to showing love, the two of them are convinced that small gifts show big love!

Enjoy the interview :-)


#1 When did you get Tejo?
I adopted him as a puppy six years ago. His mother and 8 puppies were found in the forest near our home in Portugal. We immediately bonded, he was sweet and adventurous even as a puppy.

#2 What is the meaning of Tejo?
Tejo is the name of the largest river in Iberia. Tejo has a white mark on his front that resembles the river.

#3 Tell us something about your sotre Loja Central?
Loja central is the home of useful and beautiful things ‚casa do util e belo‘ - we sell colourful clothes, bags, accessories and decoration from around the world, and we focus on organic and fair trade products.

#4 Does Tejo help you with selling stuff in your store?
Yes, Tejo welcomes customers and gives a positive energy throughout the day. He often sits outside watching the merchandise, and sometimes he also gets dog friends visiting him.

#5 How do clients react to Tejo?
98 percent react very positive, they like Tejo a lot. Many people in Horgen know him by now, and even ask for him when they enter the Loja Central!

#6 How would you describe your relationship with Tejo?
We are partners for life. We have a lot of fun together. Tejo is a really good friend and has never let me down. And he expects the same from me.

#7 Do you believe there is unconditional and endless love?
Yes, for Tejo and me this is true.

#8 What is your message to the world?
Give love, make peace, and respect all humans and animals!

#9 Your favorite PAAR sock is Magic Lights. Why?

I like all the colorful ones, but this greenish combination is the most dynamic. Tejo still prefers to walk without socks though :-) lol

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Giulio and Hamid’s love story began like many others do these days: Online.

Both of them first swiped right, became a match, texted each other and met very quickly afterwards. In Milan, in a Wine bar.

The rest they tell you themselves...


#1 Who did the first step?
Me (Giulio) :-)

#2 Was it love at first sight?
It was not love at first sight, but we definitely had a very special connection as soon as we saw each other. And already some days after we realized, it‘s love.

#3 What is special about your relationship?
we had a lot of first times ;) But this is a very special first time. It‘s my (Giulio) first relationship, so it was the first time I’ve introduced a man to my parents and also Hamid introduced someone for the first time to his mother. So, that’s really special for us.

#4 Giulio, you live in Zurich and Hamid, you live in Milan. How do you handle the distance in your relationship?
It‘s special, but it keeps it fresh. Of course it‘s not easy in some moments, but we do our best to make it work.

#5 Do you believe there is unconditional and endless love?
We both believe in endless and unconditional love. However, only time can tell, if it‘s the partner for a lifetime ;)

#6 What was the most colourful moment you have walked together in your relationship?
Giulio: My most beautiful moment was when he surprised me on my birthday and just walked in my hairdressing salon. Hamid: For me it was our first holidays together in Marocco.

#7 What is your message to the world?
Be in peace with yourself. stop comparing yourself to others & learn to love yourself. mostly, BE KIND. :)

#8 Your favorite PAAR socks are Decode and Velocity. Why?

Giulio: I‘m not really colorful when it comes to socks, so this one is great for me.

Hamid: I love blue as a colour and the play of several blue nuances in that design.

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Do you know the american 2000 film “Love & Basketball”?

Life stories write films and sometimes films write life stories. In this case the love story could be right out of a movie.

The two protagonists, Nemanja and Jasmina, both of them played for the serbian national basketball team at that time when they met. It was on the basketball court in 2007 when they saw each other for the first time….

Meet these Lovebirds!


#1 Where did you meet?
We saw each other for the first time on the basketball court during the team preparations for the European Championship. That year both of us played for the Serbian Basketball national team. We met after practice in the gym.

#2 Who did the first step?
Nemanja. I actually saw him post workout and asked a mutual friend “who’s that tall guy?”. I was lucky he initiated the first actual conversation.

#3 Was it love at first sight?
Yes, we just clicked. It was mutual attraction at first sight and from that day forward we made an effort to be together despite the distance, the schedule and all of the odds.

#4 Jasmina, you live in Belgrade and Nemanja you live in Hungary. How do you manage the distance?
Obviously long distance is difficult especially during ups and downs, and just not being together in these situations. On the other hand it also helps with giving yourself ‘me’ time, building trust and not feeling like your own life is suffering due to you relationship.

#5 What is special about your relationship?
Understanding, no gender roles and trust. We respect each others personality and we do empower each other through all ups and downs while still evolving as individuals first and than growing as a couple.

#6 Do you believe there is unconditional and endless love?
Yes, but we also believe that love evolves as our own personalities do. After 12 years we still choose each other to give love to, unconditionally, every single day. We are soulmates, best friend and wife and husband.

#7 What was the most colourful moment you have walked together in your relationship?
We paint each step with colour. Sometimes they are bright and fun, sometimes they are dull and cold, but without all these colours we wouldn’t have this life as it is.

#8 Your favorite PAAR Socks is PAARvögel. Why?
There is no reason, it’s simply the design we like the most - funky and bonding as we both are.

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“A Bond for life”! That's how the sisters, Yasemin and Buket, would describe their very special relationship. Although they have two brothers, the bond between the two of them is special. They say “only sisters can understand” ;-)

Thanks to their Turkish origin and their eye-catching dress style, they have always made Switzerland's most beautiful baroque city Solothurn a little bit more colourful and oriental.

Meet the funky sisters...


#1 Why is it so special to have a sister?
We think that every girl who has a sister knows how big and special this Love is. You know it is a relationship you will never ever lose. Simply, the feeling of never being alone. Having a sister is one of the biggest gifts you can get.

#2 What was the most colourful moment in your life?
We had many colorful moments as we know each other for more than 30 years ;-) But the older we get the more conscious we walk together through life and feel every moment as special. The colourful moments we remember the most are those, when we’ve brought light into each other's lives when it was dark. That light is the colour and makes moments stay forever as unforgettable memories

#3 What does Valentine’s day mean to you as sisters?
As sisters it doesn't mean much. But...we expect the sister's partner to do something nice for her that day. With her he already got the greatest gift and that day he should show his gratitude and love to her.

#4 How do you celebrate your love?
We show love to each other every day with a good morning message.

#5 What is your message to the world?
We are able to see colors and to feel deep love. Open your eyes and catch these beautiful moments.

#6 Your favorite PAAR socks are SoulTrain and PAARvögel. Why?

Buket: I like the colour combination, everyone who knows me, knows that green is my absolute favorite color. With Soultrain socks I just feel happiness.

Yasemin: I have been in a blueish mood for a few months, that's why that design fits my personality best and i like how the colorful birds were put into the sock - decent but striking.

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