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The Stories behind PAAR TALES

Storytelling is a way to show other perspectives or to explain why something is how it is. What is most fascinating about all those tales is that they are told for centuries all over the world and still match the time and era we live in.

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Made In Europe, Where else!

Our story about production could go like this: HOW TO MAKE YOUR LIFE COMPLICATED, AND STILL FEEL HAPPY.   :-) Because when the story about PAAR socks started, we could have made it easier for ourselves and choose one of 100 sock factories in Portugal, Turkey or China that already produce for big world brands. But the spirit of adventure and challenges dragged us to the other side, a forgotten European country. 

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How to wear PAAR Socks this Spring

Spring does not only bring colours in the nature, but also in our outfits. People often say “Wow, I love your socks and your style! But, I don’t know how to wear such colourful socks. They are too colourful for me. As there is no better time to try something new than spring time, we have prepared 4 different styles you can wear PAAR Socks with.

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Organic Cotton, The Nature Salutes You!

ORGANIC COTTON, THE NATURE SALUTES YOU! We all enjoy nice and comfortable clothes. But do we care of what materials these clothes are made of or we just don’t give a damn? You will say, why is it so important, if it's cotton, then it's cotton. Well, that's the catch! There is cotton and there is organic cotton. What is the difference?   Ordinary cotton is grown for hundreds of years and its production is one of the most harmful for nature and people because it needs chemicals to grow. Pesticides used are not only affecting soil and air, but also seeds that are genetically modified in 99% of cases. Organic cotton is something completely different, because organic cotton: Grows...

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