Designed With Love

Everything we do, we do it from the heart, and one of the secrets of success of our socks is certainly design. We try to bring something special and unique to each pair of socks, to breathe life into them so that they can follow any fashion and trends. The design process itself is very different, but it is always related to a topic. Sometimes the solution comes by itself, and sometimes it takes a bit of time to match patterns and colors. Regardless of the time taken, it is important for us that we are satisfied with the outcome. Because, when something is done with love, then it is also carried with love. 

But our love goes even further! We also love to work with creative people who are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Meet some of the creative people we have had the honor and pleasure to engage in the process of creating PAAR collections.

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 Designed by Metaklinika

Metaklinika branding agency from Belgrade created our visual identity and designed a pair of socks that perfectly fits into our collection. Check | Instagram @metaklinika

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 Designed by

Silvia is a graphic designer from Zurich known for her greeting cards. Love for similar motives connected us. She has put our PAARvögel into the right perspective. Check | Instagram | Facebook 

Discount Code: DesignedWithLove

 Designed by Milan

Milan is a graphic designer from Belgrade who is with us from the beginning. He left his signature on numerous models. This one, the most wanted, was designed based on the famous world fashion trend "Logomania". 

Discount Code: DesignedWithLove


 Designed by Laura

Laura works in Zurich as a media graphic designer. When we talk about her outfit, she likes quality things, fair fashion and minimalism. What can be seen from the enclosed.

Discount Code: DesignedWithLove


If you have ideas and want to join us in our adventure and become the creator of one of our socks models, feel free to contact us. We can certainly make an excellent project together.


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