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About Us

We are PAAR.

A brand inspired by walking - humankind's most natural way of moving. Walking to us means sharing experiences, special moments and interpersonal relationships. Fascinated by how diverse and colourful our nature, cities and people are, we wanted to combine this variety in high quality socks.

We believe that PAAR socks transform everyone's steps
into something special which lasts forever.

 Increasingly, people are looking for sustainable fashion, questioning where their clothes come from and which materials they are made from. When it comes to PAAR socks, worrying about this stops. Our socks in your closet can change the world. 
PAAR socks are designed and manufactured in a contemporary and sustainable way. Each sock model is produced in a limited number as we strongly believe this is the only way to provide high quality products and to counteract fast fashion.

We are Ana and Ivana.
Lifetime friends with a family history.

Even our fathers were born in the same town and grew up together as best friends. Although the two of us always lived in different countries, our paths have never really separated. Our passion for art, design and fashion, along with our curiosity for new things, has always brought us together. 

In nature we have found the values which direct our lives. We are convinced that conscious and sustainable living is a must to preserve a world suitable for the future.
Thanks to our entrepreneurial spirit and the will to mix up the sock industry (as one of the very few women) we have founded PAAR. With our work we also hope to encourage and inspire other people to realize their own ideas.

We would like PAAR to be a community of like-minded people, who wear change and walk in colours!