How to wear PAAR Socks this Spring

Inspiration Socks

Spring does not only bring colours in the nature,
but also in our outfits.

As Colourfoot Junkies we often hear from our friends, colleagues or people we meet randomly “Wow, I love your socks and your style! But, I don’t know how to wear such colourful socks. They are too colourful for me.”

Yes, we admit, it takes a little courage to wear colourful socks. But that’s what it's all about - Breaking out of everyday life, try something new and change your habits.

There is no better time to try something new than spring time. That is why we have prepared 4 different styles you can wear PAAR Socks with. And only for you a spring discount SPRING19 with 15% off  :-)   


STYLE #1 - 24/7

This outfit is for people whose days have more than 24 hours: You get up early, you work all day, you go out for drinks and of course you never miss any happening in your city. For days like these wear various shades of nude colours from head to toe, starting from beige, cream, brown and everything in between. Our #SoulTrain and #Universe socks will make that style look either glamourous, edgy or boho chic to work and play hard. 



Whenever you have no idea what to wear, choose a casual street style with some colourful details. Never leave your house without socks and sunglasses! Our suggestion for a perfect Street Style in Spring is to wear blue or black denim, light colours as beige and white or brown sneakers. Put some colour to your outfit with #ChessGameRed and #ChessGameOrange socks, and wear another piece of clothing (jacket, cap, etc.) in such colour. Et voilà, here you have the perfect Street Style for him and her. 



This outfit is the latest craze and an urban must have. No matter if you are in London, Berlin, Zurich or Belgrade, you’ll stand out in any crowd for sure. Whether alone or as a PAAR. He's dressed more conspicuously, but she is always more striking with her beauty, right? Socks with #Keys and #PAARvögel on your feet are the hippest this spring. Definitely an urbanwear outfit worth a try!



What are you doing on weekends? Sports? Hiking? Biking? Chilling at the river? This sporty outfit is even perfect for activities like Netflix and Chill ;-) Wear a colourful tracksuit jacket with shorts or jeans. No matter what colour your tracksuit has or how colourful it is, combined with #BigPixel or #Fields Socks that outfit is always on sleek. Proved for all activities on Weekends!


How cool are these styles? 

Let’s make our wardrobes a little more colourful this spring. Use discount code SPRING19 at checkout on our website, and get your new PAAR Socks with 15% off!

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