Made In Europe, Where else!

Our story about production could go like this: 

Because when the story about PAAR socks started, we could have made it easier for ourselves and choose one of 100 sock factories in Portugal, Turkey or China that already produce for big world brands. But the spirit of adventure and challenges dragged us to the other side, to the motherland of Serbia.

When we speak about the textile industry, Serbia has a history and once had very good factories. By the nineties, as many as 250’000 employees worked in the textile industry. Today, this figure is 47’000. That's why we wanted to produce our socks in Serbia and prove that it is possible to make a quality product in a forgotten country in accordance with European standards and fair trade.

To our great happiness, it turned out that Serbia has very good economic relations with EU countries, Russia, America, CEFTA countries and EFTA members, and that was a good reason to definitely opt for production in Serbia.

It was important for us to choose a factory in which workers are valued and respected, where working conditions are decent, where salaries are above average and where an adequate price for a product is payed. So we chose a factory that was founded in 1992, in the middle of the war in ex-Yugoslavia, which was incredible. The borders were closed, there was no import neither export for years, but the local demand for underwear and socks, has made the factory well-functioning from the very beginning. By 2005, the factory employed 35 people who worked for well-known world brands. The global financial crisis has led to the dismissal of almost all workers, but today the factory has recovered and has 6 employees.

We kindly resist the offers that we get each day from all over the world, and we are very proud of the fact that we kept our production in Serbia.

And of course, it wouldn’t be us if we weren’t always asking for more. :-)

In cooperation with Fashion Revolution Serbia we strive to influence the textile industry in the Balkans, to breathe in new life into it and turn it towards sustainable production that will create new jobs and decent living conditions for all workers.

We want our work and effort to become an inspiration to others in the industry, because only if we act together, we can change things for the better.

For the better tomorrow of all of us.

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