Our brand new sock "SOLAR SYSTEM" has a very interesting story to tell. 

It all started back in October 2019 with the idea to let the visitors of the Sneakerville event in Belgrade design their own sock in our booth. With this initiative we wanted to try a new way of a creative collaboration. Sneaker heads, funky socks lovers and everyone else had the opportunity to participate and show off their talent. The aim was not only to design a sock, but to create a new product together that will be produced by PAAR Socks and sold all over Europe. 

At the end of the Sneaker event we had 43 amazing ideas (watch video), of which our Instagram followers chosed their favorite via Insta-voting. 

We put the entire design process in the hands of other people and trusted our community by chosing the best design. The winner was SOLAR SYSTEM, created by a young and very talented girl. Let us introduce the designer: Helena

How old are you Helena? 
I am 19 years old. 

What do you do? 
I am a student at the university of fine arts in Belgrade. 

You draw really well. When did you discover your talent? 
Even as a child I loved to draw and paint, but I didn't really recognize my talent until I was 15. 

What inspired you to draw the universe? 
I was inspired by the play of colors of the universe and its infinity and mistery. 

What would you call this sock?
ps. Helena designed it and she named it ;-) 

What are your impressions of this collaboration with PAAR Socks?
This initiative is very original and unusual for Serbia. It is a good way to give young, creative people the opportunity to show their talent and creativity. I think such initiatives should be organized much more often. 


We are beyond happy and proud of this initiative and the result. It is amazing that we can work together with young creative people from all over the world and that through PAAR Socks and such initiatives ideas can be realized. 

If you like our blog post or this initiative, please leave a comment :-) 

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