Straight outta Berlin

Lucky me! I have visited Berlin during the fashion week, while Ana (the other half of PAAR) had to run the business and prepare our Valentines Day campaign ;-) 

In Berlin I have somehow experienced the #10yearschallenge and the #20yearchallenge in fashion. And I took the chance to ask Berliners what they think about PAAR Socks. 

It is my first blog for PAAR and I hope you'll enjoy reading. Leave a comment at the end and get in touch with Ana and me!

Lots of love,

Co-Owner PAAR Socks



Happy 10th Birthday SEEK! To many more years of selected upper street- and urbanwear.

We love your voice and that this exhibition has become extremely sustainably oriented by choosing represented brands who use organic materials for their clothes and packaging but also taking care of local supply chains. This matches exactly our brands philosophy.

Keep up the good work and see you next January!



The upcoming streetwear in Berlin threw me back to my teens, 20 years ago into the 90ies, when I was wearing Fila sneakers and belt bags. And of course CREW SOCKS!

One thing is for sure - PAAR is fully committed to this kind of fresh urbanwear. 

 The 90ies fashion is definitely back in full and so are white socks.
Yes, white socks! 

Do you know what's the best about it? 
We already have a pair of cool white socks in our collection ;-) 



Besides visiting all fashion events and after parties, I was in Berlin with a clear mission: To get answers on “What Berliners think about PAAR Socks?”

Do you agree with Berliners on their feedback? 


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