Organic Cotton, The Nature Salutes You!

Organic Cotton


We all enjoy nice and comfortable clothes. But do we care of what materials these clothes are made of or we just don’t give a damn?

You will say, why is it so important, if it's cotton, then it's cotton.

Well, that's the catch! There is cotton and there is organic cotton. What is the difference?


Ordinary cotton is grown for hundreds of years and its production is one of the most harmful for nature and people because it needs chemicals to grow. Pesticides used are not only affecting soil and air, but also seeds that are genetically modified in 99% of cases.

Organic cotton is something completely different, because organic cotton:

  • Grows in its natural environment
  • Has the seed which is distributed naturally
  • Has very little impact on the environment because it can grow without pesticides and with much less water
  • Finally, organic cotton has a hypoallergenic effect

And all of this positively influences us and our environment and the quality of life in general.

So, whenever you are wearing a piece of organic cotton clothes, know that you are doing a good deed and taking part in a fashion revolution for a better tomorrow.

We are glad that we chosed organic cotton and managed to create with it a quality product that anyone can afford.

In addition to the specific design, our PAAR socks will also be recognized by the GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100 labels, which means that the entire path of organic cotton from farmers to production and further to consumers is transparent and that this cotton is dyed according to special standards, with non-toxic colors.

Global Organic Textile StandardOeko-Text StandardOrganic Cotton

Organic cotton is not "hip", it's not a trend or a fashion. Organic cotton is our NEED, because if we want to preserve our planet, we have to work together.

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