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Love Stories the PAAR way

PAAR Socks are colourful and so is Love. Love in its various forms shapes our interpersonal relationships which is one of our greatest inspiration. As a result of love and inspiration we design socks for all of us to walk in colours and experience special moments step by step. PAAR means a set of two things regarded as a unit. For us PAAR is not only related to a pair of socks but everything else that has a strong appeal: People, Love, Memories, Relations, ... We want to dedicate the month of love to five different couples, PAARsocks lovers and their colourful love stories. One Love story per day till Valentine's Day :-) LOVE STORY #5FROM FRIENDSHIP TO LOVE Successful....

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Designed With Love

Everything we do, we do it from the heart, and one of the secrets of success of our socks is certainly design. We try to bring something special and unique to each pair of socks, to breathe life into them so that they can follow any fashion and trends. The design process itself is very different, but it is always related to a topic. Sometimes the solution comes by itself, and sometimes it takes a bit of time to match patterns and colors. Regardless of the time taken, it is important for us that we are satisfied with the outcome. Because, when something is done with love, then it is also carried with love.  But our love goes even further!...

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Straight outta Berlin

Lucky me! I visited Berlin during the fashion week, while Ana (the other half of PAAR) had to run the business and prepare our Valentines Day campaign ;-) In Berlin I have somehow experienced the #10yearschallenge and the #20yearchallenge in fashion. And I took the chance to ask Berliners what do they think about PAAR Socks. Read the blog and watch the video at the end. 

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